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6:30PM do 8:00PM

in Zagreb, Hotel Antunovic, Zagrebacka avenija 100A

Theta Healing Community Day - free Theta Healing sessions

Our contribution to the community

Theta Healing sessions for those who are in need, but cannot afford them

"Theta Healing Institute of Croatia" is organizing a Theta Healing Community Day - "Our contribution to the community", consisting of a free Theta Healing session. This initiative is meant for those who need help, but do not have the financial assets to get treatments.

All who are interested can apply 2 days before the set date at the latest, so we can make the schedule of the sessions.

The sessions will be given by experienced Theta Healing practitioners.

All Theta Healing Practitioners who would like to volunteer for this initiative please contact us for details, so that we know how many clients we can take.

Requirement for therapists: Advanced DNA2.

For applications and details please contact Gordana at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (+385) 091 531 3737.

Time: 18:30-20h

Place: Zagreb, Hotel Antunovic, Zagrebacka avenija 100A

Price: 0 kn


oslobodite se vezanosti We are delighted to inform you that the following Goran's elective classes have now been approved by Vianna and THInK:

Free yourself fromAddictions, Attachments and Vows

Forgiveness, Love and Power


theta vjezbaonica

- Rijeka: 15.12.2019. 

- Zagreb: 09.02.2020. 

- Beograd: 23.02.2020. 


uciteljski tecajevi 2014This year we had again the honor and the opportunity to welcome Vianna and Guy Stibal on Teacher's courses for Basic, Advanced, Rainbow children and Game of Life (led by Hiro and Vianna).

Large number of new teachers participated in inspiring lectures and practical work. There was a total of more than 300 people from more than 28 countries with translation into 9 languages and there was a huge interest for Vianna's future seminars in Croatia.


All information about new seminars will be available on our facebook page, as well as on this web site, www.thetahealingcroatia.com and www.thetahealing.com 



ThetaHealing® Retreat

Mali Lošinj, Croatia, September 13-15, 2013

“When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves.”

William Arthur Ward

bahamasThe latest Vianna's Planes of Existence Class was a real treat!

The Sivananda Ashram in Nassau, Bahamas gave it a special flavour, provided a wonderful background with its peaceful and serene atmosphere and offered extra activities such as daily yoga, meditation, spiritual workshops, lectures and pujas.

The class itself taught us how to become better persons and better Theta Healers by promoting human values, and gave us a deeper understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence.

goran omega centar

Goran had an honour to assist Vianna during her classes at Omega Institute, New York.

Founded in New York in 1977, Omega became the nations's most trusted source for wellness and personal growth. Its programs include workshops, professional trainings, retreats and conferences and teen camps. Some of Omega speakers include: Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Jane Goodall, Ram Dass, Gabrielle Roth  and many other inspirational teachers and authors.

Thank you Vianna and Guy!
It was an incredible honour and joy to have you here in Zagreb.

The first Theta Healing Retreat took place in Mošćenička Draga from March 30th - April 1st 2012. About 80 practitioners and several teachers (from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Czech republic) all contributed to the atmosphere of love and unity. The programme was very diverse and relaxed; days begun with yoga classes lead graciously by Sanja, Goran prepared two very interesting Theta workshops How Theta changed my life and What would happen if…, Dajira showed us how to wake up our bodies with DO-IN exercises, and Saša lead us through the Anti-stress dance in his own unique style.

The first World's Theta Healing Conference was held in New Delhi, India, on 25th November 2010. The topic of the conference was how science supports Theta. Among seven prominent speakers from all over the world, besides Vianna and Guy, there were the host, Country Interpreter Communicator of Theta Healing in India and United Arab Emirates, Mr Sumant Kant Kaul, two guests from Japan - dr. Kushida and the Japanese representative of Theta, Mr. Hiroyuki Miyazaki, Israeli representative Mr. Narayan Jyoti, and Goran Karna, Country Interpreter Communicator of this modality for Croatia and Serbia. With his speech, Goran has inspired everyone and reminded them of the ancient wisdom: the real knowledge and healing come from the Creator (God) and we all carry them in our hearts as LOVE.

Goran Indija 02 S   Goran Indija Poziv
Goran's speech has inspired everyone at the conference.   Goran invited Vianna to visit Croatia


Indija Konferencija   Goran Restoran S
Prayer at the conference.   Atmosphere from the Basic DNA Instructors class in New Delhi


Goran was awarded Theta Healing® Certificate of Science, i.e. the degree awarded after the completion of the highest level of training for Theta Healing® teachers.

Idaho Falls, USA, 16.10.2009.

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