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Basic DNA - Belgrade

During the Basic DNA course you will be taught how to:

  • connect to the Energy of Creation and cultivate a theta brain wave
  • do individual and group healings as well as distant healing
  • scan the inside of the body and see inner organs
  • activate "dormant" parts of DNA and the youth and vitality chromosome
  • work on genetic defects and awaken new potentials in yourself
  • do future readings
  • contact guardian angels
  • reclaim soul fragments which have been lost during relationships with other people
  • manifest things and events in your life
  • regulate serotonin, noradrenalin and dopamine
  • clean the body from radiation and toxins
  • open and balance the chakras

A very important part of the course is work on unconscious beliefs which enable us to discover and replace deep subconscious programs on:

  • soul level (deepest programs - contracts, vows and oaths we made long ago)
  • genetic level (programs inherited from our ancestors)
  • core level (programs from this lifetime, from conception till present)
  • history level (group consciousness).

These programs - attitudes, beliefs, emotions, fears, traumas - are often the main causes of disease. They also influence our behaviour, our reactions towards the world and what people and events we attract in our lives. By changing these programs, we alter our reality and choose the world in which we live. These programs are often contrary to our conscious beliefs.
A method used to uncover these programs is muscle testing. The change and replacement of programs happens instantaneously.

Course duration: Three days (Day One: 17.30pm - 21.00pm; Day Two and Three: 10:00am to 17:00pm, with breaks for lunch and refreshments.)

Investment: 287 euros

Participants will be given the course manual and Vianna's book "ThetaHealing". Upon completion of the course, participants will receive certificates.


For more info please contact Jelena Dukić by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on +381 62 884 148.

Event Properties

Event Start Date: 14.02.2020 17:30
Event End Date: 16.02.2020 17:00
Individual Price 287.00 €
Location Serbia, Beograd, Hotel Sučević
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