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Description of all seminars


Basic DNA

During the Basic DNA course you will be taught how to:

  • connect to the Energy of Creation and cultivate a theta brain wave
  • do individual and group healings as well as distant healing
  • scan the inside of the body and see inner organs
  • activate "dormant" parts of DNA and the youth and vitality chromosome
  • work on genetic defects and awaken new potentials in yourself
  • do future readings
  • contact guardian angels
  • reclaim soul fragments which have been lost during relationships with other people
  • manifest things and events in your life
  • regulate serotonin, noradrenalin and dopamine
  • clean the body from radiation and toxins
  • open and balance the chakras

A very important part of the course is work on unconscious beliefs which enable us to discover and replace deep subconscious programs on:

  • soul level (deepest programs - contracts, vows and oaths we made long ago)
  • genetic level (programs inherited from our ancestors)
  • core level (programs from this lifetime, from conception till present)
  • history level (group consciousness).

These programs - attitudes, beliefs, emotions, fears, traumas - are often the main causes of disease. They also influence our behaviour, our reactions towards the world and what people and events we attract in our lives. By changing these programs, we alter our reality and choose the world in which we live. These programs are often contrary to our conscious beliefs.
A method used to uncover these programs is muscle testing. The change and replacement of programs happens instantaneously.


Students who attend the seminar will receive materials in electronic form as well as the certificate.

Basic DNA is a necessary course for Advanced DNA as well as Theta healing workshops.



Advanced DNA

The Advanced DNA course will help you remove obstacles in developing your intuitive abilities and enhance your spiritual growth.

In this course you will learn how to:

  • use the Seven Planes of Existence, their rules, commitments and vows, and work with them through The Creator of All That Is
  • speed up and slow down time
  • heal a broken soul
  • get rid of prejudices and grudges
  • heal trauma, free floating memories from surgery, accidents and abuse
  • contact your ancestors
  • send love to a baby in the womb and heal foetal memories
  • work on fears and other negative emotions
  • cleanse your home of low-vibration energies
  • heal plant and animal kingdoms as well as working on non-organic material

Goran will teach your subconscious about 900 programs by 'downloading' directly from the Seventh Level of Existence through The Creator of All that Is. An example for such a program is: "I know and understand what it means to live in the present moment" or "I know how to trust my intuition". These understandings and feelings will create new neurons in your brain and enable emotional, spiritual, mental and physical changes to take place.

Participants will be given the course manual. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive certificates.

Course participants receive materials in electronic or printed form as well as certificates.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA



Manifesting and Abundance

This course will teach you the secrets of manifesting anything in your life, and will also reveal how to attract abundance into your life, on all levels.

Vianna says that problems with money often do not have anything to do with money itself, they go much deeper. You will discover and remove blockages, such as regret, dissatisfaction, bitterness and self-pity, anger, lack of goal and purpose in life, coveting, ... You will learn the daily habits that will train your mind to live in abundance. You will work on 100 different programs that Vianna received from the Creator, which will identify and clear your blockages. This course also covers Downloads, Diggings, the Divine Timing, teaching you how to set healthy boundaries in relation to others, how to cooperate with others in achieving your goals. Other topics include honour, kindness, responsibility, reputation, implementation of ideas, intentions and putting your plans into action, remembering the future, rules for your home, and much more.

Allow yourself to let the Creator's abundance flow freely into your life, learn how to accept it and keep it.

Prerequisite: Basic and Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper



Rainbow Children

Rainbow Children are sensitive and incredibly intuitive. They are extremely loving, adaptable, and carry memories of other times and places. Rainbow Children are born with infinite wisdom and patience. Since the time of ancients the world has waited for the arrival of Rainbow Children.

A Rainbow Child is different from an Indigo child. Although Indigo children have an amazing intuition and are wonderful in manifesting, these children can be influenced by negativity around them. A Rainbow Child, however, clearly differentiates right from the wrong and intuitively knows how to shift the energy. Rainbow Children are of all ages. With practice, using their intuition, many adults are now shifting into Rainbow Children as well.

"When the Rainbows return the Earth will be ready to change."

Ancient Hawaiian legend

Age groups

Vianna's Rainbow Children Class is designed specifically for the following age groups:

  • 7 to 11 years
  • 12-15 years
  • 16-22 years
  • Theta Healing™ Practitioners

This particular seminar is designed for practitioners who have completed the Basic DNA course and want to explore and expand their intuitive abilities and experience all Seven levels of existence. Theta practitioners will gain insights and knowledge to assist children in developing their intuitive abilities while at the same time experience personal growth and healing.

Course Content

The course participants will learn how to:

  • connect to the Creator of All That Is
  • explore their intuitive abilities and use them without fear
  • identify and distinguish their own feelings from other people feelings
  • intuitively read an object
  • do individual and group healing
  • meditate using visualization and imagination
  • experience all Seven levels of existence
  • read and send thoughts (messages) to other people - telepathy
  • intuitively read inside of the body and work on chakras
  • read, modify and cleanse aura
  • work to create positive beliefs and feelings
  • heal a broken heart and foetal memories
  • heal the physical heart disease and emotional trauma
  • receive programs and feelings from the Seventh level (downloading)
  • read and heal with crystals
  • recognize the different energy in the room using the crystal ball (crystal scrying)
  • contact fairies and other spiritual beings
  • communicate with plants and use essential oils
  • intuitively read and heal animals
  • move objects using the mind power - telekinesis
  • meet their guardian angels
  • contact the spiritual teachers of the past, the angels and the Council of Twelve using crystal layout
  • connect with their totemic animal (drumming)
  • remember the future (different from Reading the future)
  • contact Laws from the Sixth level of existence
  • change the energy around them
  • communicate with their Higher Self
  • experience that we are not separate from the Creator and of all creation

Prerequisite: Basic DNA



Intuitive Anatomy

This class will deeply foster your personal growth, the development of your intuitive abilities and build confidence, speed and effectiveness in creating healings.

The course will provide a deeper insight and understanding of the ThetaHealing™ technique taking you through all the body systems and organs, teaching you how to heal these organs and diseases associated with them. You will learn that every part of the body carries emotions, traumas, beliefs and how these emotions cause illness and how to clear them in an instant. At the same time you will clear yourself of the deep blockages, hurts and negative emotions and experience healings.
The course lasts for 15 days and a great amount of time you will spend in giving and receiving healings in order to fully master this technique and free yourself of what is blocking and limiting you.

Content and objectives of the course:

  • Body systems and organs (sceletal, muscular, respiratory, reproductive, endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular and nervous system, skin, eyes, ears, brain) as well as the treatment of diseases associated with them
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the human body and limiting beliefs and emotions that we carry in our bodies
  • Improving the ability of intuitive seeing, feeling and listening within the body and communicate with organs
  • Learn how to treat various diseases such as cancer, leukemia, diabetes, MS, osteoporosis, arthritis, depression, asthma ...
  • Work with parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungus, microbes ...
  • Learn how to integrate herbs, vitamins and minerals in your healing practice
  • Experience the world of mind-body connection with the Creator of All That Is and gain a better understanding of your true nature
  • Establish health and balance on the physical, mental and emotional level
  • Gain energy and motivation to live in joy and peace
  • Experience the freedom and pleasure of finding and solving your own problems and limitations as well as creating a life you desire
  • Relieve the emotional trauma, fear and diseases and achieve optimal health
  • Fully develop your intuitive abilities and learn how to work more deeply on yourself and others

Participants will be given the course manual. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive certificates.

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper



Disease and Disorder

This class is a result of Vianna's 47 000 Readings. It gives insights into emotional, mental and physical components of illnesses and teaches an in-depth understanding of disease from an intuitive perspective. The practitioners will discover the hidden Belief Systems they have towards disease that may be impeding their abilities to heal illness in others and themselves. Encompassing heavy metal poisoning, the body systems, a number of diseases and disorders, covering herbs and minerals, this class is definitely for the alternative professional.

Includes: Vianna's ThetaHealing™ Disease and Disorder Book

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, Dig Deeper



World Relations

The seminar is a powerful tool in removing and replacing our inner and outer conflicts with others. The participants will gain better understanding and be able to embrace and accept people and cultures of the world with true unconditional love.

Includes: ThetaHealing World Relations Manual

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Intuitive Anatomy for practitioners or Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper for practitioners




DNA 3 is the long awaited class for advanced Theta Healing students. It teaches how to move and change non-organic and organic matter, as well as how to work with the mitochondria to create instant healings. You will start to see and experience things in a way you have never perceived them before. Your manifestations will be much faster as you are clearing your Belief System.

Class Content:

  • Become aware that we can step out of our own paradigm and connect to All That Is
  • Line Up the Eternal Molecules
  • Deeper Resentment Work
  • Water Exercise
  • The Force Field that holds objects in place
  • Know Thyself - Belief Work
  • Create your future
  • Spiritual Bi-location - To instantly travel from one place to another
  • Changing the weather
  • Finding and balancing your element
  • And much more…

Includes: Vianna's DNA 3 Manual

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper & Intuitive Anatomy (the more classes completed the better understanding and more prepared you will be for this class)



Soul mates

  • Learn how to find and recognize your most compatible soul mate, and how to value yourself so that others value you.
  • Learn the differences between soul mates and soul families.
  • Find out that you have more than one soul mate and how to draw that special person that is for your highest and best.
  • Learn about the influences, both internal and external that may be blocking you from that special person, and what a soul mate is and isn't.
  • Discover insights on relationships between men and women - the do's and don't-s.
  • Learn the best way to manifest for your soul mate through the processes of ThetaHealing
  • If you are already with your soul mate, find out the best ways to deepen and renew your relationship, communication, and intimacy .

Course Manual and Vianna's book "Finding Your Soul Mate with ThetaHealing" included.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper



RHYTHM to a Perfect Weight

Are you ready to find true Rhythm in your life?

  • Change your beliefs while learning a new and exciting way to lose weight
  • Discover a real rhythm for your mind, body and spirit while tapping into your inner beauty and love for yourself
  • Allow your body to work with you, not against you
  • Do you want to exercise but can't get yourself started? Become motivated for exercising through Vianna's secret recipe
  • Help yourself and your clients in creating more enjoyable and healthier lifestyle 

Higher Self

Course book and manual included

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper



Dig Deeper

This course gives you a complete insight into digging into your subconscious and answers all your questions on what can and cannot be installed and done in digging as well as why people can’t muscle test and how to test them. It explores all possible ways of digging depending on the problem of the client and how to address those problems. Course brings benefits to both practitioners and teachers and is suitable for all who want a clear vision of this technique. It also allows you to solve issues you haven’t solved in previous courses.

This seminar has become a prerequisite for all Theta seminars except for the Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Rainbow Children seminar.

Prerequisites: Basic and Advanced DNA



Family Ties

In this seminar, we direct our attention within and discover beliefs that we have accepted precisely because of the family into which we were born. This is a seminar where, by letting go of beliefs that no longer serve us, we come to better know, recognize and accept ourselves, and to lead a freer existence. In short, we become able to more completely love and accept ourselves, and in this way we come to know ourselves as beings of light.

This seminar explores how—through better understanding the beliefs and programs of family and ancestors—we can free ourselves from various obligations and duties that were never ours to begin with, and formulate a new sense of identity and direction in life based on our own true goals and aspirations.

This seminar applies the basic tools of ThetaHealing to address a host of issues related to family. In the process a number of innovative exercises are introduced.

Areas of focus include:

  • Clearing resentments toward one’s parents
  • Identifying energetic patterns in one’s family and clearing family issues
  • Recollecting one’s intention in having been born into this world, and in choosing one’s particular family
  • Integration with the higher self

This seminar became an ThetaHealing Elective seminar in 2013 and was designed by Reiko and Daniel Samos

Includes: Family Ties Practitioner Manual

Prerequisite: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper



Planes of Existence

The Planes of Existence is the wellspring of philosophy that is behind all the seminar and books of ThetaHealing. By learning the structure of the Planes of Existence, Vianna was shown that it was possible to create new realities in this lifetime and why she was creating difficult situations in her life.

The Planes of Existence Seminars is the quantum mechanics of metaphysics. In this seminar, Vianna will take you into dimensions beyond this universe… to what she believes to be the beginnings of life itself.

Vianna will take you on a journey that leads outward past the universe … to offer the conception that with a theta state of mind it is possible to go beyond the speed of light with the power of thought …to connect to a divine energy before it becomes anything in this universe.


Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper, & Intuitive Anatomy Practitioners


Basic, Advanced, Dig Deeper Practitioners & Basic Instructors and Advanced Instructors



Free yourself from Addictions, Attachments & Vows

When one mentions the word addiction, thefirst association is generally an addiction to certain substances such as alcohol, nicotine or drugs. But there are other kinds of addictions that we are not aware of at first glance, for example, addiction to certain feelings, addiction to success, work, money, conflicts, addiction to praise, exercise, facebook, etc. Do you know that when we are addicted, we are not free, we are conditioned by something or someone we are addicted to? Would you like to liberate yourself from it and be free? Would you like to know the difference between addiction and love, fear, feeling of guilt...? Would you like to know how to heal people from addictions and help them to change their life?

Would you like to find out which programs are stored in your chakras that are blocking their proper functioning and how to open your chakras to their full capacity or which feelings causing your brain  chemicals to be unbalanced. If our  brain  chemicals and their receptors are not in balance, we can be prone to many disorders and diseases, such as ADHD, obsessive behavior, PMS, depression and even cancer and other diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease, bipolar disorder, etc.

Do you know reason why our aura picks up various negative energies and vibrations and how to make our aura much stronger? Would you like to find out how  to minimize losing our energy  and soul fragments and stop giving them to others unnecessarily?

There are many positive meanings of attachment but we will use yogic meaning in sense that attachments  are  obstacles in the spiritual growth. What does it mean in yogic practice to be attached to someone or something? It means that we do not know who we are without it, and we often cannot imagine our lives without the thing or a person we are attached to. Also, the attachment does not allow new, fresh energies to enter our lives.Attachment can be a limited form of communication, business or partner relationship, or spiritual development. The fact is that we can also be spiritually attached, as well as emotionally and mentally, not just to material things or people, but also to things like planes of existence, secret teachings or societies of the Fourth and the Fifth Planes of Existence, our soul family, the pain and suffering of our parents, nation, ancestors, ...

Vows, commitments, contracts, agreements, promises, obligations, bans and oaths follow us from one life to another whether we like it or not, and we are very rarely, during our evolution, given a chance to get rid of them. The fact is that we do not even know how many vows and commitments we have made (or have taken over from others – our mother, father, ancestors, nation, soul family, ...), nor are we aware of the burden that we carry on the history level, soul level and even the genetic and core levels.

 This workshop is a modest contribution to freeing ourselves from all these constraints and broadening our consciousness.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper



Forgiveness, Love and Power

Do you know where your true power comes from? Do you know that we are more powerful when we have more love? Where does love come from? How to attract it into your life? Do you know that forgiveness is the basic prerequisite for love? Do you know that it is most important to forgive those things that have shaken our lives the most, the "unforgivable" things that have happened to you in this life? Do you really know the reason why someone has mistreated, abused, neglected, provoked and abandoned you when you needed them most? When you find out the reason and become aware of how those people felt at that moment and why they did or did not do something, only then will you be able to truly understand and forgive yourself and them. You probably think you have forgiven your mother and father, or partner, and when you muscle test, the answer is "yes", but have you truly forgiven them from the depths of your heart and soul? When you picture yourself with your mother and father, meeting them right now for a lunch, do you feel joy to be near them or you feel upset or uncomfortable? Whom have you not forgiven yet? When we truly forgive, we feel a huge burden falling off us; we feel at ease when thinking of those people and our relationship with them. Have you forgiven yourself? When we forgive ourselves, it will be easier to forgive others, and vice versa. What is very interesting is that when we truly forgive, we liberate ourselves and our descendants from curses and spells, and we are free. We have more energy and better health. Our relationship and abundance improve also. After you forgive you are free from resentment, hate, regret and you can manifest better i be a better healer. We become more happy and joyful and our connection with Creator is stronger.

What does it mean to be powerful? Does that mean we will be able to levitate, to change the form-shapeshift, to rule others or keep them in control? Or it may mean that we are able to live in our true nature of love and peace, to change ourselves, to release from our lives all that does not serve us, be responsible for our lives, realize ourselves, to act from the internal motivation of love and understanding for others? Also, to be powerful means to know who we are and what our purpose and meaning in this life are, and to focus our energy and intention in that direction.

This course is designed to help forgiveness, love and our personal power to enter our lives, to make us more tolerant and understanding towards others and ourself.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper



Growing Your Relationships 1: You and Your Significant Other

Our soulmates know us so well on a spiritual level that you really have to learn how to love yourself to make them work. That is what the Growing your Relationship seminar is all about. This seminar is designed to take you to the next step in your relationship, in your evolution to learn how to become a virtual unit.

This seminar is not just for couples, but for anyone who wants to develop a relationship, an intimate relationship, a partnership to reach the highest potential. Growing your Relationships will help you build a strong partnership, build a strong foundation, keeping your relationship fresh and new, and is designed to help your relationship work for you. Learn how to really love another person and how to let them love you back, while removing blocks and obstacles handed down to us from our ancestors. When we truly love ourselves, we get the next level of enlightenment.

Would you like to know how to live your life without fearing love? Without guilt in relationships? To be loved by your companion? Join the Growing your Relationships Seminar to learn.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper



Growing Your Relationships 2: You and God

Understand your divine self and your survival subconscious. 

The difference of the Creators voice verses your ego. What is truth verses fear. In class you will truly get to know yourself your motivations .

You will learn to know true intuition verse being led by what you want to happen.  This seminar is available for Basic DNA, Advanced DNA and Dig Deeper Practitioners.

Can be taken with Growing Your Relationships 1 or by itself.

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper



Growing Your Relationships 3: You and Your Inner Circle

You and Your Inner Circle is design to help you to move forward in success in every aspect of your life by putting the right people around you, knowing who your best friend should be.

In this seminar we will teach you how to recognize your inner circle and how to discern which level of development the people around you are. We will show you the different stages of mind: The child stage, the parent stage and the crown or grandparent stage.

Still in the child stage, a person needs lots of encouragement and energy. In the adult stage, they do not need encouragement so much anymore, but give encouragement to their children and are helping others. Then in the crown stage or grandparent stage they are building the whole community.

As healers, if you are surrounded by people that need constant encouragement, you will get drained very soon. Therefore, some people in your inner circle should be people who give back to you.

You will take a test to see in which mental development you are in. Then you will learn what you need to do to get where you like to be.

We teach you why your inner circle changes so much, why you shift your friends around, and what kind of friends you need to surround you with so that you are charged and feel good so that you can still give back to the world.

We are teaching you how to work with every stage of mind. Like this you will understand your clients and students and where they are and you can help them to move forward.

This seminar will be a pre-requisite for DNA 4. 

Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper



Growing your Relationships 4: You and the Earth

You and the Earth teaches you how to communicate with the earth and that the Earth is always communicating with you. It will bring you to the realization that it is an energy that is moving back and forth between us. It helps you to work with the earth to bring changes that actually need to be changed now.

The little remembered words of Nikola Tesla:

"Our entire biological system,

our brain and the Earth itself work on the same frequencies."

The ancient Indian Rishis called the frequency of 7.83 Hz the frequency of OM. It is also the natural heart rate of Mother Earth, known as Schumann resonance.

In the course we will work on the feelings of relaxation and worry, on finding peace with the Earth and our personal grounding,  as well as the advancement of the planet's consciousness. We will also work on the qualities we need to have to achieve all this. We will learn how to connect with the Shumann resonance, work with a dowsing fork, aura, heartbeat of our heart and the Earth....

Researchers of consciousness believe that the so-called Shumann resonance (7,83 Hz) is particularly important. This is the assumed frequency that oscillates the planet Earth and it is indispensable to human life (each spacecraft is equipped with a magnetic field generator). This frequency encourages relaxed creativity and allows us access to intuitive knowledge ('Earth's knowledge' of morphogenic fields).

The Schumann resonance frequency is claimed to increase concentration and attention without effort, and also contributes to creating a beneficial balance in hyperactivity. Experiments have shown that especially hyperactive children may benefit from this frequency. Emotional and mental balance (good mood, cheerful relaxation) were also proven to be results of the Schumann resonance frequency.


Prerequisites: Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Dig Deeper