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ONLINE Webinar PRIHVATITE SEBE (prijevod na španjolski)

"Let Your Soul Shine”

The webinar ACCEPT YOURSELF will be a unique opportunity for you to finally accept all the beauty and the depth of our being and release all misunderstandings and wrong self perception. This is the opportunity to make peace with all aspects of our personality. Goran will demonstrate the digging, talk about how to make peace with the shadow self and how to recognize positive qualities that we carry inside of us. Participants will do exercises and meditations and work in pairs. This workshop will help you to allow yourself to be who you truly are and to be fully aligned with your heart and soul.


The webinar is on 5th September 2020, 5.00-10.00 PM (UTC/GMT +2).

Time zone Zagreb, Croatia.

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The webinar is translated in Spanish. 

The price is 71 euros. 


First, it is necessary to register for the webinar (in the bottom of the page) and after that, we will send you the details about the payment. 

After the registration and the payment  you will receive the information about how to access and participate in the webinar.

Recommendations for the online webinar: 

You will need ZOOM application which will be used for this webinar. The link for creating a free account is on www.zoom.us

  • Use a laptop or a desktop PC. 
  • Stable internet connection, Wi-Fi connection without limit. 
  • 15 min before the beginning of the course please login in order to try out the connection, audio and video. 

It is important that you are in a peaceful environment so that you and other participants could peacefully follow the course without any disturbances. 

For more information please contact Goran on Ova e-mail adresa je zaštićena od spambota. Potrebno je omogućiti JavaScript da je vidite.

Bitne informacije o tečaju

Početak: 05.09.2020 17:00
Završetak: 05.09.2020 22:00
Cijena 71.00 €
Lokacija Online
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