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Origins - Vianna Stibal

Theta Healing® is an ancient technique given to and developed by Vianna Stibal, American intuitive healer. She miraculously cured herself of cancer in 1995. Since then, Vianna and other Theta practitioners have successfully treated many ailments such as diabetes, cancer, viral and bacterial diseases, broken bones, etc. using this technique. Today, Vianna travels around the world teaching those who are ready to receive this holy knowledge. For more information about Vianna visit www.thetahealing.com.

"Because Theta Healing® is taught and based upon God's unconditional love, you will feel at ease as you learn and experience this for yourself. Upon learning this technique, you will see that everyone has intuitive abilities that can be used to bring about spontaneous physical and emotional healing. You will help yourself, as well as your friends and family, using this phenomenal process!"

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What is Theta Healing®?

Theta is a name the scientists gave to brain waves of low frequency, which are present in deep meditation. These are the waves of the subconscious that govern our behaviour, attitudes and beliefs. This is the state of mind in which yogis and holy people perform miracles, manifest objects, and people walk over hot coals without getting burned. In theta state we can communicate and work with the Highest Self or God and change reality in an instant, whether it is about our physical, spiritual, emotional healing or manifesting events in our life. The technique is simple, everyone can learn it and it is not based on any particular religion. All that is asked for is an acceptance that there is a Higher Intelligence with which we can co-create in order to improve the quality of living.

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How can Theta Healing® help me?

Have you ever wondered why some situations in life are frequently repeated whether they are related to other people, health or finances? What causes you to react in a particular way? How come you are doing everything to change your circumstances yet still feel like you are going round in a circle? The answer to this is in programs which are stored in the subconscious mind and are the sum total of your experiences, beliefs, memories, traumas, genetic imprints and group consciousness. Theta technique enables you to discover these programs and remove them in an instant.

Negative emotions such as guilt, resentment, anger, hate, jealousy and fear hold back spiritual development. By releasing these programs which are the basis of emotions, our true nature comes forward - one of divine unconditional love.

Guilt is a common emotion. It can date back to the foetal period (absorbed from mother or father) or from past lives. Some people will feel guilt if successful. This is often because of programs such as "I am worthy only if I am poor" or "It is wrong to be successful". Some feel guilt because of unresolved relationships within the family or other people. Guilt could also result from programs like, "It is all my fault" or "I have to be accepted by other people all the time". Once the guilt program is removed, release from a huge emotional burden takes place and peace and stability follows.

Many physical diseases will disappear by removal of these negative programs. These programs are often contracts that you made long ago which you carry on the soul level. These contracts are no longer serving you and it is time to get rid of them. Using Theta Technique many are cured from various acute and chronic ailments. The reason this technique is so successful is because you reach the very cause of the disease.

Aura Cleansing

By cleansing your aura from low- vibration energies such as wayward and fallen spirits, curses, spells and implants, you gain strength, vitality and health. You become free of tension, negative thoughts and feelings. Also, by regaining soul fragments that you lost during interaction with other people you grow into a healthier and more wholesome being.


Theta technique helps in treating addictions such as alcohol and smoking. Is someone drinking because they were hurt and drink provides safety and comfort? Or it makes them feel more powerful/relaxed/in control? These addictions can be managed by balancing the brain chemicals and finding out the programs upon which they are based.

DNA Activation

DNA activation improves immunity and enhances our intuitive abilities. It has also proven useful in treating diseases such as ADHD, bipolar disorders and fibromyalgia.

Radiation and toxins

Learn how to cleanse your body from radiation you have been daily exposed to through TV, computers, mobile phones, sun, airplanes and underground water. Get rid of heavy metals and other toxins through Theta technique, herbs, vitamins and minerals.

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