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Last winter my youngest son Jan broke his right hand. He had surgery at an orthopaedic hospital in Lovran, Croatia but the bone grew incorrectly so that the wrist was at the wrong angle and he couldn't bend his little finger. He underwent painful physiotherapy, to no avail. In Zagreb, surgeons recommended two more operations.
After I had completed the Basic DNA course I tried to do some healing on Jan's hand but with no results. Actually, I personally had no faith that it was possible to influence something as solid as a bone.
I asked Goran for help and sent him photos and X-rays. Two days later after two Theta treatments (remotely - from Australia!) we were all stunned when Jan started to bend his finger and the joint began to right itself. Photos can prove all of this. Thank you Goran!

(Sanja Plavljanic-Sirola, Croatia)

In December 2006 I contacted Goran concerning my 82 year old mother. After hip surgery in 1995 (both hips) she kept herself in great shape, always being active and hardworking until last year while gardening she twisted awkwardly and something happened in her knee. This made her immobile, a condition quite unbearable for such an active person.

Doctor's diagnosis was as follows:

1. Severe gonarthrosis in the left knee joint which requires surgery. The knee is completely immobile and the patient is taking up to 5 Voltaren tablets a day but refuses surgery.
2. Panaritium of left toe, which weakened immune system and the whole structure even more. Taking antibiotics occasionally.
3. Psychological problems due to the illness accompanied with insomnia and discontent.

My mother started treatments with Goran in mid December.

To this day, 10th February 2007, the situation has changed completely:
1. Mum does not feel any pain and she has stopped taking Voltaren!
2. Mum walks around the house and veranda; we go shopping. She rides a bike (she couldn't do that for 8 months) and keeps herself fit because she must plant some flowers at springtime! The radius of her mobility has extended. What a pleasure!
3. Psychologically, she is unrecognisable. She feels like 40, full of humour. She is happy. She is confident. Our relationship has improved and gained in quality.

Dear Goran thank you and I hope you will help others the same way you did for my mum (and thus to me as well).

(M.D. Jadranka Santak Busic)

I have worked as a registered Nurse in North Queensland, Australia for 30 years. The climate here is warm/hot all year. There are a number of mosquito carried tropical diseases that spread to humans when bitten by an infected mosquito. In November 2005 I was infected with Barmah Forest Virus by being bitten by a mosquito. The symptoms are severe rash, fever, malaise, lethargy and painful joints. These symptoms can remain for months and may recur for years. I had all these symptoms and once the rash disappeared I had lethargy and pain in my elbows, knees, wrists, fingers, ankles, feet and toes. The only way I could work at my job was to take anti-inflammatory tablets three times per day and strong pain tablets every 4-6 hours. If I didn't take these medications then the pain would prevent me from working and enjoying my life.
After many weeks of this I spoke to Goran via the telephone one Saturday and he said that he would do a Theta healing whilst I was on the phone. When he was doing the healing I felt warmth in my body. The process only took about 10 minutes. That day I felt a little better but still had some joint pain. We spoke again the next day via the telephone and he did another healing which took about 10 minutes. This time I felt a lot more warmth in my body and the pain in all my joints disappeared immediately. I hadn't taken any medication that day before the healing. I was really happy and amazed by the result of the healing.
Since that Sunday, I have had no more joint pain and so no longer need to take all the medication I was on.
To me as a medical nurse, it was an instant miracle!
I have also just had pneumonia and Goran has done two Theta healings whilst I was on the phone to him and I feel much better and have energy again.
This healing technique is truly wonderful.

Kerrie Jackson
Cairns, Australia

I was diagnosed with invasive carcinoma of cervix. Doctors recommended an urgent hysterectomy. Soon after that I met Goran in India in April 2005. Goran did 7 Orion treatments with me in the 10 days period. In silence and prayer I felt a profound sense of peace and inner light. All the time Goran was telling me that there was no more cancer left but only a benign growth, which became smaller and smaller as the therapy progressed. A few months later I had another biopsy which confirmed Goran's opinion. Later on, a different surgical procedure was done during which it was finally confirmed that there are no more malignant cells in my cervix.

(D.P., Italy)

Hi, my name is Ana. I had been struggling with a fungal infection when I called Goran. I was hoping for some advice on how to cope with this infection by using herbal natural supplements. (which I tried unsuccessfully)
I was happy to talk to him and have his moral support. Little did I know that I was in for a wonderful surprise! He provided me with total relief immediately over the phone. He lives in Australia and I live in Toronto, Canada!
As I sat there in my living room with the phone in my hand during the session, I started feeling a gentle soft stream of energy


Hallo my name is Georgina I am from Athens and my aunt had a seriously health problem she had cancer in liver (all her liver was cancer and also her lymph nodes had cancer) She was in the hospital and she had terrible pains. I tried to do to her Theta healing but she didn’t want to hear question like when, why, where etc so I suggested helping her a healer without questions and she was agree!! Then without know Goran I send a mail to descript the situation and I asked for help! Goran asked me only one thing her name and the next day my aunt started being better and better! In 2 days the pain gone and the cancer from all her body changed in healthy cells!! All the results were changed!! It was miracle the doctors in the hospital couldn’t understand what happened they didn’t let her go easily because there no answers about what happened. My aunt now (after 3 weeks) she is very well and healthy at her house. Words are not enough to describe how grateful we are to Creator of all that is and to Goran for that miracle!! Thank you!!!

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