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Goran talks about his COVID-19 experience, recovery, transformation and deeper message with Gizella Turbok, ThetaBliss

In this webinar, Goran speaks about the importance of our relationship with our mother and father for our growth and personal development. He also talks about how to make the deepest cellular changes in our body.

In the conversation with Theta healing teacher Mirabai Humanista Sanadora from Columbia, Goran is talking about his experience with Corona virus infection, current situation in the world and how to overcome fear and anxiety in this moment.

Goran Karna has been interviewed by Carolin Ehlers from ThetaSpirit Berlin. In this interview, Goran talks about his personal story of how he became a healer and found God, what is really needed to achieve integral healing and about the path to freedom, among other interesting stories of ThetaHealing and his elective courses.

Hello Goran,

I have felt gratitude for you each and every day since your course in Dubai. I am a recovering food addict and have been on my healing journey for two years.

My dear ones


For the first time I visited Dubai and held my elective course Free yourself from addictions, attachments and vows.

Webinar of Goran Karna broadcasted on March 22, 2018. For course applications and inquiries, please visit this website:


This was my first visit to Argentina and Buenos Aires.

It was full of pleasant surprises, primarily with their hospitality and warmth, but also with their dignity and innate healing and intuitive abilities.

I will be back for sure!

Love you all.

Webinar with Goran Karna on how to establish yourself in the Seventh Plan with consecutive Russian translation.

Webinar with Goran Karna on his two elective ThetaHealing® classes with consecutive Russian translation. Recorded on 29 October 2016.

Here I am in Lyon, city of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and Little Prince , enjoying French culture and having my classes

Theta practitioners doing free treatments for their community.

Goran's elective classes in Switzerland - Testimonials

Theta practitioners (Great Souls) in Zagreb giving free treatments for their community.

Morocco is the land of modest, honest and warm hearted people with positive nature. It feels like I already know all the people I have met here. Theta brought us together again and the world seems like a very small place.

 Goran's elective classes in Morocco - Testimonials in French

Dear friends and students,

I wish to thank all of my students as well as hosts who gave me support in organising my classes this year in Croatia, Serbia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece, Mexico, Austria, Germany and Italy. I really enjoyed meeting you and teaching you and in our time spent together.

Here I am enjoying Austrian and Swiss nature, their warm hospitality and wonderful students. 

Greetings from Kazakhstan, a country where East meets West, where Islam touches Christianity, where people are endowed with such strength, pride and dignity that it takes my breath away. This is the land where family is still considered a holy union, and morality and respecting elders are highly valued.

Goran's elective classes in Greece - Testimonials


Greetings from Mexico where I am running seminars while at the same time enjoying and exploring this country of rich and ancient culture, pyramids and shamanism. But what delights me most are the Mexican people. I've never seen people so simple, so natural, humble, easy going and joyful as Mexicans. They are a great source of inspiration to me and my future work. Thank you all. 

New testimonials in English, Greek and Italian language.

I am at the Acropolis of the ancient world where some of the greatest minds walked and were inspired in their work and lived like Gods - they celebrated life and everything in it. This ancient history and beauty that is carved into the temples and statues has a special magic that makes you happy for no reason. I am enjoying the beauty I see around me and in the time I spend with my good friends as well as my lectures and students.

Here I am, in St Petersburg, enjoying the energy of this beautiful city.

Its streets are abundant with art and artistic ways of living, and the sort of images one finds in the novels of Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and other classics are jumping in front of my eyes. In fact, while teaching at the seminars here, I have a feeling I am working with direct descendants of the famous characters from those novels. and it inspires me and makes my stay here very special.

Another Testimonial about my first Forgiveness, Love and Power Class in Croatia and Serbia:

I recently taught my first Forgiveness, Love and Power Class in Croatia and Serbia and this is what students are saying:

Hi everybody,

Here is some more information about my two elective ThetaHealing classes. I hope you'll find something interesting for yourself. Don't forget to turn on the subtitles in your chosen language.

Love and Gratitude,

I have two new classes which I hope will prove beneficial to all those who are interested in their spiritual growth as well as in removing obstacles in nearly all areas of life, including relationships with others and themselves, material abundance and wellbeing.

Greetings from Croatia!

We have some exciting news to add to our December events in Zagreb!

Two of Goran's elective Theta Healing classes have recently been approved by Vianna and THInK and he is going to offer one of them (Free Yourself from Addictions, Attachments and Vows) from 18th to 21 st December as part of the event.

Hi. I am in St. Petersburg where I have asked from Vianna to give a talk on Theta Healing Day in front of 250 Russians. I am delighted with Russia and Russians. I am looking forward to come again. I am sending you a few moments.

Greetings from Avala, a beautiful mountain near Belgrade! Another Intuitive Anatomy Class has just been completed. We are having a great time at the Graduation and wanted to share with you some moments.