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“I have learned so much, and I am so grateful to be able to feel and know my true power. Thank you, Goran!”
-Kim (Iowa, USA)


“I have always had big dreams and goals, yet I always felt like there was something holding me back. Through this class, I was opened up to the all the ways I was holding myself back with my skewed perspective of love and giving my power away. I am incredibly grateful for Goran’s guidance in breaking the illusions and connecting with my true self through Creator’s perspective and unconditional love.”
-Callie (Iowa, USA)


“I’ve never attended such a powerful class. Forgiveness of self makes so much room for Creator’s love. Belief I’m worthy of that love. Goran is a teacher that reflects Creator’s unconditional love. It was a privilege to be in the class. I love Goran’s style of leading and working with you as an individual. His eyes can read my soul.”
-Jan (Iowa, USA)


“The class Forgiveness, Love, and Power has been life changing. It has allowed me to connect with myself and Creator in a whole new way, filled with love and light. Much of this is also due to the energy Goran holds for us as we process the energies.”
-Evonne (Montana, USA)


“This class was nice. I feel better now than when I came.”
-Matt (Wisconsin, USA)


“The work is this class was perfectly positioned after clearing the addictions, attachment and oaths. Making space to open to true forgiveness and acceptance of self. Goran’s teaching to find the greater understanding enables us to release the blocks and resistance to really falling in love with ourselves and healing through forgiveness. I was carrying a lot genetic and historic energies keeping me stuck, this class opened me to unifying myself and raising me above those old heavy and destructive energies. This has been huge.”
-Kerry (Illinois, USA)
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