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Testimonials about class Free Yourself From Addictions, Attachments, & Vows (Rogers, AR, United States)

“To speak of the power and presence of Goran in the midst of our class soothes deeply the part of me that’s been scrambling all my life. I truly will be forever grateful. Free yourself from addictions, attachments, and vows is a fitting title. Freedom... can you imagine??? With Goran’s humble teachings, it seems simple and we are, I am, reminded that we have the capacity to be that present for ourselves and each other. Present for profound healing.”
-Mary (Montana, USA)


“I felt I would receive healing within this group, and I indeed received great healing. Working through balancing chakras, releasing addictions, attachments, and vows, has brought me deep healing. Goran’s relaxed style of leadership, helping me to connect to Creator, trusting that connection, and releasing a vow to never be well, I connected to my personal power in a very physical way that I know will continue with me in a very healthy way. I thank Goran for my renewed life.”
-Jan (Iowa, USA)


“This class is beyond words. Completely life changing. I have so much gratitude for having the opportunity to take this class with Goran. Amazing teacher and healer. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
-Kim (Iowa, USA)


“Amazing class - more, much more, than I thought I would learn. Goran has taken key topics to insightful depths beyond any other workshop - resulting in significant insights and shifts. Thank you, Goran, for this information, your caring delivery, and powerful exercises!”
- Christine (Illinois, USA)


“Upon discovery of this class I have a new appreciation for freeing yourself. Addictions can be in different places and different formats in the body. Goran has a wonderful awareness of the addictions, attachments, and vows how to find find them, then how to release them. Truly talented! Thank you Goran Karna for a wonderful opportunity to discover new information and find inner peace.”
-Kathy (Iowa, USA)


“This class and experience allowed healing on a deep level. It is inspirational and inspiring. It opened myself to see the light of connection between my heart and Creator. I was blessed to watch the healing it inspired in others. Goran’s teaching and style is light/God guided, calm, peaceful, and blessed.”
-Evonne (Montana, USA)


“This is one of the most significant Theta classes I have had the experience to take. Goran brings many aspects of this work together for me. Through the lens of psychology and functional neurology the first 6 years of life are where our program and patterns are laid down and where our right and left brains fully come online, form, connect and lateralize functions in maturation. Trauma effectively separates the communication of these hemispheres and the releasing the subconscious to conscious. Through this class the “felt senses” were of the body were integrated in not only while digging but while downloading and accepting the changes. As Goran said, healing is not just on a mental level (just to let you know :). Engaging the right hemisphere of the brain and its sensory systems in this way allowed for a fuller experience and transformation on all levels, neurologically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A true unification in the healing process. The manual is excellent as well.”
-Kerry (Illinois, USA)
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